Fleet Management Options

2Fleet Management Options

FIRTH assisting with Fleet Records:

Our web application data base is equipped with high capacity storage and equipment sorting capabilities. We can assist Alberta fleet-oriented companies in managing their equipment inspection timetables and in having a secure backup of equipment inspection records off site.  Fleet digital documents will be kept current, stored in one easily accessible location, and be available immediately to the fleet manager at any time. The above optional service complements the already in place service of monthly digital and physical mailout reminders for when equipment is due for re-certification.


FIRTH assisting with Development of Maintenance Programs:

Our engineers are knowledgeable in maintenance practices required for heavy crane and mobile lift equipment fleets.  We can assist in refining existing preventative programs and/or the development of new comprehensive maintenance programs.  Program development will be under the direction of a FIRTH professional engineer, referencing the requirements of the equipment manufacturer and Occupational Health and Safety Regulations, and include the structural, mechanical and control aspects of the equipment.