Lift Equipment Inspection & Certification


The inspection and/or certification of lift equipment is mandated through provincial Occupational Health and Safety regulations, a practice enforced by light and heavy equipment industries throughout Canada, and a general standard of practice adopted by equipment managers/owners to maintain their equipment, and to safeguard their employees and the public.

Firth provides technical and engineering services to the lift equipment industry, assisting companies in achieving code and regulation compliance.

Inspection plans and safe work practices developed by our professional engineers guide our qualified staff of field technologists/technicians in completing thorough equipment examinations, in providing a detailed technical account of equipment structural condition, and in providing engineered structural repair procedures to correct equipment damage when detected.

Our field inspection findings are reported along with support photos in a digital application and emailed directly to the client prior to the technician leaving site.

Engineering Certifications are issued for the equipment following substantial completion of work, and once fully reviewed and approved by the FIRTH professional engineer on record.

Lifting Equipment:

  • tower cranes
  • mobile cranes
  • crawler cranes
  • portal cranes
  • overhead traveling cranes
  • rail cranes
  • aerial manlifts
  • aerial fire truck equipment
  • elevators
  • forklift trucks
  • material handling equipment
  • spreader bars
  • below-the-hook lifting devices
  • manbaskets

All inspections are performed referencing the requirements of governing codes and legislation.

Oilfield Equipment:

  • drilling and service rigs
  • flush-by rigs
  • sub-structures
  • derrick structures

All inspections are performed referencing the requirements of CAODC and API standards.